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How to Order
 Click on Register link on top (shown below)  

Fill in the details with NAID no and password  (red marks are mandatory)

This is sent to us for approval
Once Admin (at rahma office) approves registration you will receive a confirmation by Email mentioned in registration form (step 2 above)
Once you get confirmation go to the website and click on Sign in  & enter NAID NO. and Password (as shown below)  
Agent can choose currency  either AED  or USD on the home page and then browse through categories under Gift Items


Steps to Add Items to Cart or Place an order
Click Gift items  on the main links   
Choose one of the  Four  Categories 
Click on the Main Category  to see the various items (Bags, Card Holders etc)    

If you want to zoom on a specific item click to get an enlarged picture and details of material used
You can view items in USD & AED currencies 

To begin placing order click on Add to Cart  for each item & once all items are chosen for the cart , click  View cart 

View cart page, add the quantity of each item chosen.

The cart will automatically give you the total cost
Incase any changes are to be done then click on Update Cart and to delete an item from order click red X icon (delete icon)   
Once all items are chosen and total cost is acceptable click on  Check out button

Fill in the contact details , shipment mode and payment option. 

Once completed click on Order Now
We will send you the Invoice on your email address with the material plus transport cost 
Once payment is received into our account, the shipment is made and Airway Bill Number  is intimated to the client on email
Shipment will be tracked till it reaches the client and once material is delivered, we will inform client the delivery details 

If you are looking for a Specific Item only...
Choose icons  under Gift items 
Choose one of the  Four  Categories 
Click on the Main Category  to see the various items
If you reclick on a specific item, you get an enlarged picture and details of material used
One can fill in the details on the Enquiry Form and we will answer your queries  within 48 hours